"We were referred to Rose by Joy’s Management Team and have been so happy to have Joy work with her both in class as well as in private coaching. Rose is a huge gift to Joy’s acting career and is so beautifully generous in talent and spirit. Joy has become amazingly confident while working with Rose, and it’s been wonderful to see her talent unfold in such a lovely way. Rose always allows Joy to find herself in every character. She is gentle and kind, and talented in a way that we had not known through any other coach or classes before. Rose is our secret weapon - we adore her and feel blessed to have her on our team!"
"Rose Marziale has a gift with children. She amplifies their natural talents and finds a way to bring the best out in them. Without changing who they are, she molds them into what they are capable of doing. I am so thankful for her being such an amazing coach. With Rose as a personal coach and the girls taking her classes, we have seen more callbacks and close calls. She has given them the tools to understand how to breakdown scripts, express emotions deeper, give it their all with their own personality and has built their confidence. Thank you Rose for always being there to help them 'Nail it!'"
"Coaching with Rose Marziale has been a very special experience for my daughter, Everleigh. Everleigh came to Rose with a love of acting and a bit of experience by age 6, and Rose was able to tailor her coaching specific to Everleigh’s strengths and abilities. I love that Rose is able to really build my daughter's confidence, while teaching her new skills; at the same time, Rose seems to be able to enhance Everleigh’s natural instincts, rather than tell her exactly how to deliver her lines. Rose’s guidance has helped Everleigh through 2 network tests in one pilot season! I never feel rushed when asking Rose advice, or like there’s a ticking clock with a dollar sign. Rose’s genuine support of my daughter is evident, and I’m so happy to have her in our lives!"
"Rose is a Hollywood treasure! She has the patience of a saint and the knowledge to make her a true professional in the business. Her coaching and group classes gave my 8-year-old daughter extra depth in her characters, the confidence to try new things, and different lenses with which to examine scenes. Rose creates a safe and nurturing environment where kids can explore and push themselves for new experiences. She's so friendly and bubbly and feels like a friend and advocate - a friendvocate? - in your corner. Her communication is great, which, let's be honest, can sometimes lack in this busy Hollywood bubble, but as a mom of more than one kid, I appreciate Rose's ability to email and message clear and concise instructions and ideas. My daughter adores her and it's so easy to see why! Thank you, Rose, for helping us navigate this business and providing my daughter with a rewarding and empowering actor's haven."
"Rose Marziale is truly special among acting teachers. Rose brings heart and warmth to the process. She recognizes each actor’s unique gifts and supports and champions them. From her extensive casting work, Rose has a valuable background from which to guide a proper breakdown of the scene while encouraging creative choices. A superb and warm teacher who inspires her actors."
"Rose Marziale is gifted when it comes to children and the art of acting. She makes them feel comfortable, has the patience of Job, and gets them prepared for the audition. My daughter also took a boot camp with Rose and had a blast! Lots of laughs and new friends all while learning a ton! I highly recommend Rose as an acting coach for both comedy and drama!"
"Rose is simply the best coach a parent could ask for. We have watched the very special relationship that our daughter and Rose have built. It is not only based on the professional coaching but also on how Rose has become her friend, someone that she learns from and laughs with. Rose has a unique ability to push the kids and help them grow with very solid acting skills while building them up and making them confident about their acting, their instincts, and their talent. She is able to penetrate the kids at an emotional level that completely helps them see and
analyze things in a much deeper way.

She is extremely perceptive and good hearted, a good combination to quickly assess the kid’s personality traits and capitalize on their strengths while working on their opportunity areas without letting the kids feel insecure. She has strengthened our daughter's confidence in a very unique way, by teaching her to learn to follow her emotions, she teaches them how to penetrate the character’s world emotionally, and then connects the actor to the character at a much deeper level that then makes the acting so natural and flawless. Rose addresses acting in such a holistic way, it is not only about technical skills, it is about knowledge and connections. So she asks the kids to watch movies or series that she knows will not only help them by watching actors play amazing roles, but also stories that will make the kids emotionally connect in a different way and without even realizing it, their acting is becoming a piece of them versus a role they are playing. We have been in awe by her unique ability to build our daughter in ways beyond acting. Our daughter not only admires Rose, but loves and trusts her. She is a role model to her, they talk acting, but they also talk life, school, family topics and she looks forward every week to that special connection with her amazing coach.

Rose’s background is also a huge help. She is very well connected in the industry and as such, sometimes surprises the kids bringing a panel of industry professionals that will come to class, watch them act and give them live feedback to get better. As a casting director herself, Rose knows how to prep kids for auditions,
both in person and self tapes.
Her passion and dedication to coaching actors is admirable and more than anything; the way she does it, is something every parent and every actor would simply fall in love with.
We for sure got way more than an acting coach in Rose!"
Parent of Alessandra Garcia-Altuve
Acting Student
“I am genuinely so lucky to have Rose in my life... as a mentor and as a general guide post for navigating this strange and sometimes scary, world. She has taught me to express emotions I didn’t even know I had. She is remarkably in tune to the actor and knows how to bring all parts of them and the character to light. She is so incredible and I look forward to every class.”
"Rose has been an incredible resource for me when it comes to learning and improving on my acting skills. She's so easy to work with and very knowledgeable. She has a way of making you feel right at home, and yet she will always challenge you to work to the best of your abilities. I think because Rose has worked on both sides of the industry, it makes her very good at knowing what to look for and what to work on. I would highly recommend her to any age actor that is looking to improve on their skills!!"
Chase LaTour
Acting Student
“Rose is an amazing acting coach because she really cares about what she does. She always makes sure that you know that you are amazing but still finds ways to tell you how to improve and grow. She is a great role model for me and influences me not only as an actress, but also as a person. Not only do I learn about acting, but I also have a lot of fun in her classes. As a casting director she knows what’s good and gives great tips for auditions which has helped me a lot. My manager and agent have all recognized my growth as an actress since I started working with Rose.”
Alessandra Garcia-Altuve
Acting Student
"Rose is great! She helps me to dig deeper and make each performance even better all while making it my own. Not only do we work on scene study, characters, and lines I might have, we also discuss acting styles, processes, and history. She is more than an acting coach or teacher, she is the whole school. I love Rose!"
"Not only is Rose professional in every capacity, she is also a wonderful and dedicated person. Unlike some other acting teachers, Rose takes the time to work with students on a personal level. Meeting us where we are and building us up from there, rather than having a mark that everyone needs to meet when they begin. Combined with her experience and her kind nature, she is able to achieve great results in building up new actors."
"Rose always makes me feel confident after we work on our scenes together. She always helps me look at the scene with a different perspective and, when we finish, I can't believe I was about to attempt to go into an audition without Rose's help!"
"My daughter began working with Rose Marziale at the beginning of 2020. It is an understatement to say we hit the jackpot. We appreciate her honest, loving and thoughtful teaching style. She really gets to know her students and finds their strengths and weaknesses. She continually tries different styles of performance (comedy, drama) to find what works for them, as well as to challenge her students. Within a couple of months, I could see my daughter's confidence and knowledge growing. She learned more within those few months than she had at another studio that she was at for quite a while. Rose has been along on our journey (and mine as a mother of a child actor) since we met her. She has continually answered my many questions and has been there to help guide us along. When my daughter recently said she wanted to take a break (gasp) from pursuing the industry, she was supportive and in my daughter's corner. We could not ask for a better acting teacher, mentor and, I would like to say friend."
Parent of Kayli Vander Heide
Acting Student

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especially the ones in your own head."
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